Eating Guide

There are no organised events on Thursday evening and so delegates are invited to make the short journey off campus and explore some of Sheffield’s local eateries. Here are a few suggestions.

If you would like to make an online booking, or investigate a menu, the wifi code for the conference venue is shefconfkey

Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road is a 5-10 minute walk from Halifax Hall. There are a lot of restaurants to suit a range tastes and budgets. These include:


Nonna’s, 537-541 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2686166

Carluccio’s, 504 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2663216

Pizza Express, 483 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2676626


All Siam, 639 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2670580

Patoo Thai, 607 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2668196


Ashoka, 307 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2683029

Prithiraj, 407 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 2666002


Graze Inn, 315-319 Ecclesall Road,, 0114 267 6666)


The Mediterranean, 271 Sharrow Vale Road,, 0114 2661069)


Broomhill is a short walk up the hill from Halifax Hall. If you want to explore this area, here are some possibilities:

Thyme Café, 490 Glossop Road,, 0114 2670735

La Vaca, 477-479 Glossop Road,, 0114 2676215

El Toro, 129 Newbould Lane,, 0114 2666296


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